Mel Sauvé, President of Global Growth, is an engineer and MBA from McGill University. His career has spanned over 40 years working primarily in sales, marketing and business development for Canadian manufacturing companies selling highly engineered products and services B2B worldwide.

His most notable achievement was expanding Exploranium Ltd. (Mississauga, Ontario) from $8M to $60M, including opening over 50 agents in South America, Asia and Europe. He also grew Wire Rope Industries (Montreal, Quebec) from a Canadian-only company to a global player, with mining sales and warehousing in the US and agents in all mining countries. Similarly, he helped Wabi Iron and Steel expand into the US and South America.

Mel started Global Growth in 2010 to accelerate the success of Canadian manufacturing and service companies by leveraging his core strengths:

  • Strategic Business Development
  • Global Market Expansion
  • Competitive Positioning and Marketing
  • Sales and Export Team Strengthening

As president of Global Growth, Mel has worked with companies such as Venshore Mechanical, Digital Engineering, Icefield Tools, Sumac Geomatics, Conveyors Plus, Abitibi Geophysics and Eco Waste Solutions, helping them develop new business across Canadian, US and international markets.

Mel is also a program leader and consultant for the Strategic Export Marketing Program (SEMP) funded by the federal and Ontario governments. Over 50 Northern Ontario industrial companies have participated in the program, attending Mel’s training workshops and receiving his direct strategic and business development support. As a result, most companies in the program have significantly increased their businesses beyond expectations, with notable successes including TBT Engineering, The Bucket Shop, KBM Resources, Kozar Engineering and Lakehead Iron Works.

Altogether, Mel has built his career by working closely with CEOs and executive/sales teams, clarifying visions, honing strategies and developing execution skills to help turn their companies into global leaders.