Business Development Execution

When human resources are too tight to expand a particular product into a particular market, Global Growth will independently execute its recommendations—playing the dual role of business development specialist and sales manager. This allows you to test-drive strategies before hiring a full-time position, while simultaneously laying the foundation for that position’s success.

A Proven Track Record

Wabi Iron & Steel

Mel Sauvé developed and spearheaded a five-year Wabi turnaround strategy that focused on new business growth, productivity improvement, waste-cost reduction, on-time delivery, pricing management and morale. Over the course of two years, he enabled Wabi to achieve a sales increase of 11.5% year over year. Successful strategies for growing the casting division included identifying and hiring a new sales manager, focusing on the top 20-30 key accounts, building new partnerships, targeting growth accounts, improving responsiveness and pricing management, and introducing “blow bars” as a new area of business. In the mining fabrication department, Wabi re-established its presence in Canada with a focus on engineering and quality. They were also able to enter the gold, salt and coal markets in the US as well as create a new presence in Mexico and Peru.

Let's work together

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