Mel Sauvé was instrumental in generating the following impressive revenue:


1996 1999 2003 2005
Revenue (CAD) $8 Million $12 Million $26 Million $61 Million


He conducted detailed business analysis to penetrate the emerging global radiation portal monitoring market within the steel industry, developing Exploranium into a dominant leader/brand and capturing 70% of the US market and 60% of the global market.

He developed the “Formulae for Success” model for transitioning from the North American market to the emerging international business, which delivered the following international revenue:


1996 1999 2003 2005
Revenue (CAD) $1 Million $4 Million $6 Million $11 Million


He sourced and recruited a sales representative network in Europe, Asia and South America, which included appointing, training and managing 50 agents.

Mel also defined and executed the communications and sales strategies pre and post launch of a continuous stream of new products.

Post 9/11, he led the company’s foray into the nuclear, customs and security markets, initially conducting development work with the US and UK. By securing contracts with US, UK, Canadian and Dutch customs, he generated $30 million in 2005 for the company.

As a team leader throughout it all, he provided interactive training and mentorship to sales managers and agents, building their capacity to deliver outstanding customer support and integrated marketing and sales initiatives during periods of consistent product launches and global business expansion.

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